Subgenus Eumelanomyia Theobald

Eumelanomyia was originally proposed as a distinct genus by Theobald (1909), with inconspicuosa Theobald, 1908 as its type and the only included species. Eumelanomyia was described as being similar to Culiciomyia but the true identity of the type species was not known until Edwards (1922) re-examined the specimens and identified them as Culex. The name inconspicuosa was thus found to be preoccupied, and Culex albiventris was proposed for the species. Theobald (1910) recognised Protomelanoconion Theobald, 1909 as a distinct genus based on a misidentified species of Culex which he named Protomelanoconion fusca. Edwards (1922) also found this name to be preoccupied and proposed the replacement name Culex horridus for the species. In addition to these corrections, Edwards suggested that both Eumelanomyia and Protomelanoconion should be treated as subgenera of Culex. Eight years later, Edwards (1930) established Mochthogenes as a subgenus of Culex with Aedes malayi Leicester, 1908 as the designed type species. No further changes were made to the taxonomy of these groups until Edwards (1932) examined the classification of Culex on a worldwide basis. As a result, Edwards retained Mochthogenes as a subgenus and included Eumelanomyia, Protomelanoconion and a number of other species within subgenus Neoculex Dyar, 1905, which he divided into three groups: Group A (Neoculex or apicalis-group), Group B (Eumelanomyia oralbiventris-group) and Group C (Protomelanoconion or uniformis-group). In his later treatise on the Afrotropical Culicinae, Edwards (1941) recognised two additional groups, the pulchrithorax and rima groups, for species previously included in hisapicalis group. No further changes were made to Edwards's classification until Sirivanakarn (1971) revised the classification of Neoculex to include nearly all species previously placed in subgenus Mochthogenes and a number of species previously included in subgenus Neoculex. Sirivanakarn synonymised Protomelanoconion and Mochthogenes with Eumelanomyia and recognised subgenus Maillotia in addition to subgenera Eumelanomyia and Neoculex. The current internal classification of subgenus Eumelanomyia was developed by Sirivanakarn (1971, 1972).
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