Subgenus Micraedes Coquillett

Micraedes was proposed as a distinct genus by Coquillett (1906), with the new species bisulcatus Coquillett, 1906 as the type and only included species. Howard et al. (1915) synonymised Micraedes with Culex where it remained until Dyar (1918) elevated it to the subgeneric rank. Dyar (1928) synonymised bisculatus with Culex (Melanoconionamericanus (Neveu-Lemaire, 1902), thus Micraedes became a synonym of Melanoconion., where it remained until Edwards (1932) restored it to subgeneric rank. Lane (1953) synonymised it with subgenus Tinolestes and Stone et al. (1959) placed it in subgenus Aedinus Bourroul, 1904 along with Anoedioporpa and Tinolestes. Berlin (1969), following Foote (1954) and Belkin (1968), once again treated Micraedesas a distinct subgenus of Culex.
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