Subgenus Oculeomyia Theobald

Oculeomyia was proposed as a distinct genus by Theobald (1907), with sarawaki Theobald, 1907 (subjective synonym of Culex infula Theobald, 1901) as the type and only included species. Brunetti (1914) considered Oculeomyia to be a genus of "uncertain validity". Edwards (1911) synonymised sarawaki with Culex agar Giles, 1901, and subsequently (Edwards, 1913) with Culex bitaeniorhynchus Giles, 1901, thus relegating Oculeomyia to synonymy with Culex. Oculeomyia remained in synonymy with Culex, specifically subgenus Culex as bitaeniorhynchus was classified as a member of the Bitaeniorhynchus Series/Subgroup of the Sitiens Group (Edwards, 1932, 1941; Belkin, 1962; Bram, 1967; Sirivanakarn, 1976), until Tanaka (2004) resurrected it from synonymy and validated it as a subgenus to include bitaeniohynchus and other species previously included in the Bitaeniorhynchus Subgroup.
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