Adults beginning with L

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labellar abductor apodeme
labellar basal sclerite
labellar mesal sclerite
labellar scales
labellar sclerite
labial basal setae
labial sclerite
labral lever
lateral anterior promontory scales
lateral anterior promontory setae
lateral arm
lateral basal process
lateral flange
lateral plate
lateral prescutellar scales
lateral scutal fossal scales
lateral scutal fossal setae
lateral scutellar scales
lateral scutellar setae
laterobasal band
leaflet of aedeagus
lower calypter
lower dorsomesal area
lower mesepimeral scales
lower mesepimeral setae
lower mesokatepisternal scales
lower mesokatepisternal setae
lower ocular setae
lower pleurotergite
lower pleurotergite apodeme
lower postpronotal scales
lower prealar scales
lower proepisternal scales
lower proepisternal setae
lower vaginal lip
lower vaginal sclerite
lower ventromesal area
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