Larvae beginning with M

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mandibular abductor apodeme
mandibular adductor apodeme
mandibular brush
mandibular brush spicules
mandibular comb
mandibular comb spicules
mandibular lobe
mandibular lobe spicules
mandibular lobe spicules 1
mandibular lobe spicules 2
mandibular lobe spicules 3
mandibular lobe spicules 4
mandibular lobe spicules 5
mandibular lobe spines
mandibular pilose area
mandibular puncture
mandibular rake
mandibular rake blade
mandibular rake blade 1
mandibular rake blade 2
mandibular rake blade 3
mandibular rake spicules
mandibular spiculose area
mandibular spiculose area brush
mandibular sweeper
mandibular sweeper 1
mandibular sweeper 2
mandibular sweeper filaments
mandibular teeth
maxillary body
maxillary brush
maxillary brush spicules
maxillary bundle
maxillary claw
maxillary palpal spicules
maxillary pilose area
maxillary spiculose area
median accessory tergal plate
median dorsal caudal process
median labral plate
median plate
median ramus
mediodorsal pharyngeal sclerite
medioventral pharyngeal sclerite
merostipital process
merostipital sclerite
mesal intertormal apodeme
mesal tormal process
midpalatal brush
midpalatal brush filaments
midpalatal lobe
midpalatal penicular area
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