Genus Priscoculex Poinar, Zavortink & Brown, 2019


ADULT FEMALES: Vertex of head with scales; antenna longer than proboscis, flagellum with 13 flagellomeres; maxillary palpus also longer than proboscis, with 5 palpomeres and long setae, third palpomere with sensillum chaeticum; proboscis straight, subequal in length to maxillary palpus, setaceous, with long setae; spiracular setae absent; scutellum with rounded margin; wing with 10 veins reaching margin, veins with scales and setae, costa continues around wing but weaker along hind margin, subcosta intersects costa beyond mid-length of wing; tarsi scaled; pulvilli absent; abdomen truncate, without scales, cercus oval.

Name bearing type: 

Priscoculex burmanicus Poinar, Zavortink & Brown, 2019 (haplotype).

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